Thursday, February 02, 2017

"If you like your plan..."

Too bad, so sad:

"Pamela Weldin’s experiences with Obamacare can be boiled down to just a few numbers.

Since the health care law’s implementation three years ago, Weldin, 60, has lost her insurance four different times

If that name sounds familiar, well:

"Pamela Weldon played by the rules, and for her efforts, she's outta luck:"[CoOpportunity]'s liquidation marked the third time she would lose her health insurance under Obamacare"

She's now on Plan #5, after having the metaphorical insurance rug pulled out from beneath her four times now. And she's actually an ObamaCare poster child, having been previously declined for coverage under the "old system."

But hey, let's "repeal and repair" (Whatever the heck that even means)

[Hat Tip: The Political Hat]
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