Thursday, January 05, 2017

"You know better than to trust a strange computer!"

I've been making fun of home office folks for pretty much my entire career, so I probably should have seen this coming:
"Insurance firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is making 34 employees redundant and replacing them with IBM’s Watson Explorer AI"

Followers of Jeopardy are familiar with the machine, which can sift through millions of data points instantaneously to quickly discern the correct answer. In this case, it appears that the machine will be replacing almost 3 dozen folks in the carrier's claims unit:

"The technology will be able to read tens of thousands of medical certificates and factor in the length of hospital stays, medical histories and any surgical procedures before calculating payouts"

Plus, it doesn't take coffee or smoke breaks, paid vacations or require health insurance benefits.


[Hat Tip: FoIB Jeff M]
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