Tuesday, January 03, 2017

From the P&C Files in a Galaxy (Not) Far Away...

Over the weekend, my family saw the new Star Wars movie. It was bittersweet, of course: while the plot explains the events that lead up to the first Star Wars, it was only marginally about the Skywalker clan. Still, the recent passing of Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher - was on all of our minds.

Which brings up an interesting quandary: now that one of the principal characters is (apparently, although not necessarily) unavailable, what will happen to the series?

A few months ago, we discussed how rap star Kanye West's health issues, which forced cancellation of some of his shows, might be covered by a special events insurance policy. Such a plan was apparently also in place for the late Ms Fisher:

"[Disney] ... could receive $50 million thanks to an insurance policy the company took out in the event Fisher was unable to fulfill her three-film contract."

What's more, it's apparently "the largest single personal accident insurance claim payout ever" (although how one could possibly know that is unclear - I'd take it with a grain or two of salt). Still, it's obviously a lot of money; whether it will truly offset her loss on the big screen only time will tell.
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