Monday, January 30, 2017

Exploring the "How"

Much ink (and many pixels) has been spilled over various ways that the ObamaTax can be replaced (and I have my own idea on that...), but I liked this suggestion from Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner:

"[W]hatever else is in their upcoming Obamacare bill, that it include one measure: a provision to freeze new enrollment in Obamacare. That is, they could continue allowing those who have benefits to receive them, but then prevent anybody from enrolling in the law's expanded Medicaid program who was not already on the books as of the date the bill is signed into law. Additionally, nobody would be eligible for subsidies for Obamacare's exchanges who did not already sign up for coverage by Jan. 31 — the last date of open enrollment for this year."

This is eminently sensible and as fair as possible to those already caught up in the train-wreck. This would help mitigate the possibility that lots of folks would be signing up for plans that are going to be going away shortly, leaving them even further behind. It also means that, by creating a "date certain," it will be much more difficult for Congress to keep punting (although not for lack of trying, bless their hearts).

There are a few other benefits, as well, but I really don't want to steal Philip's thunder.

Recommended (both the article and the proposal).
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