Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Even *More* Flatlining

The other day, Patrick posted an excellent piece laying bare the unmitigated failure that marks the current Open Enrollment season. In it, he notes that enrollment was waaay off expectations (and goals), and explains why that's important.

Today, FoIB Allison Bell, writing from her familiar perch at LifeHealthPro, alerts us that the overwhelming majority of folks who did sign up for individual health insurance plans had "either a major health problem, such as cancer, or a serious but less severe health problem, such as high blood pressure or depression."

This, of course, is what happens when you make what used to be an insurance plan into a guaranteed issue one with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

To reiterate: this is exactly the same thing as buying a car, wrecking it, and then calling up your agent to insure it and pay the claim. No one thinks that makes sense when dealing with auto or home insurance; I've never understood why folks think it makes sense for health insurance (since they're all based on the same underlying insurance principle of indemnity).

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