Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Up, up and away!

As we inch closer to Winter Christmas break, many students are planning international journeys. Some will be strictly for fun (think ski trips in the Alps) while others will begin studies abroad. Our friends at Global Underwriters remind us that, either way, they'll need to plan for the unexpected:
"Many students don't realize that their health insurance will not provide adequate coverage while outside of the United States or in many instances, they have no coverage at all. This is a terrible financial burden for any young person. Several countries and study abroad programs, also require health and medical evacuation insurance, in order to obtain a visa or participate in their program."

So where to begin? Well, a quick phone call or email to your favorite professional insurance agent is a good start. There are any number of plans available to help "close the gap;" some include not just medical coverage, but even medevac and war risk cover.

Perhaps best of all, these plans are generally inexpensive, and easy to acquire.

Safe travels!
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