Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Morning HealthyLinks

■ The folks at Cigna tell us that the IRS has extended the reporting dates for 1095's (these are the forms carriers and employers use to demonstrate that individuals have abided by the tax penalty Mandate). They were originally due out by January 31st of next year; that's been moved back over a month, to March 2nd.


■ FoIB Holly R tips us to this interesting story about how a Cincinnati-area doctor "uses jet engine knowledge to fix woman's vocal cords."

At age 13, Anna Kessler was diagnosed with asthma, which kept getting progressively worse over time. She finally met with Dr Sidd Khosla, who had studied at MIT and was able to combine his knowledge of how jet engines work with Anna's condition.

Pretty cool.

■ And finally, a two-fer on lifesaving healthcare trends:

"1. Focus on people first ... getting patients actively engaged in managing their health and working with the physicians and technicians who treat them."

And "2. Why you need to go wireless ... a move toward continuous home monitoring and an effort to bring care to patients rather than requiring them to travel long distances to see specialists."

This, I think, is related to the burgeoning and ubiquitous use of telemedicine. I'm not completely told that it's a panacea, but it certainly has its place.
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