Friday, November 04, 2016

Obamacare Gaming Edition

Obamacare is almost 3 years old and an even bigger mess than ever. The billion dollar website still crashes and is not fully functional. Navigators and "enrollment assistants" are nothing more than phone jockey's trained (in a manner of speaking) on how to key in questions and read answers off a computer monitor.

Most have no clue about the difference in a PPO, POS or HMO plan. Of course with most of the PPO/POS plans going away that will make their job easier.

Drug formularies are another story.

But this is to be expected when health insurance agents with years of experience are forced out of the market only to be replaced by former minimum wage workers who have gone through 2 weeks of training and are now earning a "livable wage" of $17 per hour.

Savvy consumers who are not subsidized and are now facing monthly insurance premiums higher than mortgage payments and STILL required to shoulder tens of thousands in out of pocket expenses before the carrier pays a single dime are saying ENOUGH!

Consider the case of Will Denecke.
Will Denecke, a self-employed urban planning consultant in Portland, Ore., said he planned to skip buying health insurance for 2017 because the premium had shot up to $930 a month. Instead, the 63-year-old man said if he developed a medical issue sometime during the year, he would go to the Affordable Care Act marketplace and buy a plan outside the open-enrollment window, which he's aware he's not supposed to do. 
He said the ACA rules sharply limiting such midyear enrollment are easy to get around. Last time he simply claimed a change of income. “I've done it before, and my broker helped me - Modern Healthcare 

Obamacare is three years old and DC still hasn't closed all the loopholes. Agents, the few that have not left the business, are sticking it to the government and carriers every day.

Too bad Obama and company pissed off some of the most talented people this industry has ever known.

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