Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Heads' I win...

There's a popular meme circling the 'net that says the rate increases really won't affect most people because their subsidies will cover the spread:

"Yet most Obamacare participants won’t feel the full price hike or anything near it. Nationally, 85% of those enrolled receive a tax credit"

This is why I get so frustrated with the media, which seeks to isolate the Marketplace (Exchange) from the big picture: all ACA-compliant plans are ObamaPlans, not just those on the Exchange. That is, if it's ACA-compliant, then it's ObamaCare. By trying to split "ACA compliant" from "bought on the Exchange" these oh-so-clever "journalists" seek to put daylight between the two that doesn't actually exist.

The reality is that yes, most folks who buy on the Exchange are going to be getting subsidies (aka "a several hundred dollar health insurance gift card from taxpayers"), which is the only reason one should even consider buying there. But this completely misses the point that most folks don't buy on the Exchange or receive subsidies, and thus feel the full brunt of these fully operational Death Stars rate hikes.

And these same reporters also ignore the fact that even those "shielded" from rate hikes are still going to feel the MOOP pinch.

What's "the MOOP pinch," you ask?

That's the newly increased Maximum Out of Pocket limit. Care to see how this works in the real world?

Well, FoIB Jeff M has graciously forwarded his own plan rates and specs for this year and next:

So not only does he have the privilege of paying almost $3,000 a year more in premium, but his out-of-pocket increased by $300.

One supposes he doesn't feel "shielded."

[Hat Tip: HotAir]
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