Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bye, Bye Grandma!

We've written about Grandmothered plans (most recently here), focusing primarily on individual major medical policies. But these rules also apply to group plans, and the clock's ticking on them, too.

Grandmothered plans are those which were issued after ObamaCare was established, but were given a "hall pass" from many of its mandated "benefits." Much like the Doc Fix that kicked Medicare's provider reimbursement cuts down the road, Transitional Relief was ObamaCare's safety valve that allowed these plans a temporary reprieve. For the past several years, group clients have been able to re-cast their renewal date to continue to take advantage of it.

In theory, this will be last time (since no one really knows what's going to happen under the next administration). But, carriers are soldiering on; I received this in email today from United Healthcare:

"For many customers, there are significant cost implications in the change from Transitional Relief to ACA compliant plans ... you may be interested in changing your renewal to Dec. 31, 2017 ... This allows you to take advantage of the extension of Transitional Relief and keep the coverage you like for the maximum period currently allowed by law"

'Course, I'm old enough that I remember this.

In the event, UHC (and, of course, other carriers) is contacting its group clients to offer them a bit of relief.

Based on recent quotes I've seen, this is definitely an offer they shouldn't refuse.
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