Thursday, October 06, 2016

Thursday Morning LinkFest

■ First up, co-blogger Bob tips us to this helpful state-by-state look at O'Care's individual marketplaces. Of note:

"[O]ne-third of all U.S. counties will only have one insurer offering plans on Affordable Care Act exchanges in 2017, leaving an estimated 2.3 million ACA marketplace enrollees in uncompetitive markets"

If you like your plan...

■ FoIB Holly R has a pair of North Star State items:

"Minnesota Hiking Obamacare Premiums At Least 50% To Avoid ‘Collapse’"

Methinks they've misspelled "3000% rate decrease." On the other hand:

"Minnesota health insurance market in 'emergency situation'"

So they've got that going for them.

Which is (Minnesota) nice.

■ Finally, FoIB Jeff M tips us to this article on how "[s]elf-funding employee health care pays off for some small businesses." We've touted these plans for a while (here, for instance): for some smaller groups there are tremendous savings available.
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