Friday, October 07, 2016

Long Term Care: It's only money, right?

John Hancock, one of the largest Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) carriers, recently released its findings on which areas cost the most (and least) for actual care. The report's based on a survey of some 16,000 providers across the US of A to come up with community averages.

Here's a sampling of what they found:

1. Nursing home: Private room

Cheapest: Jefferson City, Missouri ($142 per day)

Most expensive: Juneau, Alaska ($600 per day)

4. Home health aide

Cheapest: Fort Lauderdale, Florida ($15 per hour)

Most expensive: Minneapolis ($31 per hour)

5. Adult day care

Cheapest: Montgomery, Alabama ($22 per day)

Most expensive: New York ($203 per day)
Be sure to click through to see the other key data points, including assisted living and shared room costs.

The lesson? Long term care's expensive, no matter how you slice it. Might be a good idea to shift some of that risk off to an insurance company.
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