Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blame the Agents

After almost 7 years of having the admini-screwup blame everyone for what is "wrong" we now have another fall guy.

The economy was (and presumably still is) rotten because of Bush. Global warming caused ISIS. The Republicans at the state level are why Obamacare did not cover more people.

And in the face of rising health insurance premiums there is one more patsy.

The agents and insurance carriers are responsible for higher health insurance premiums.
HHS said earlier this month that about 2.5 million people eligible for tax credits to lower the cost of their premiums are missing out, because they are buying their insurance through insurers or brokers instead of the state and federal exchanges. - USA Today
Yes, the agents are to blame for higher premiums.

Now that most agents have left the health insurance business who will they blame next?

I guess that problem is left to the next president.

Whoever he may be.

And then there is this gem.
Even those who weren't eligible for tax credits in the past should apply again, because they may qualify now that many rates are much higher,
Agents (and possibly global warming) led to higher premiums but now you can thank the agents for making premiums lower.

You are welcome.


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