Friday, September 23, 2016

If you like your plan, Nebraska style

Cornhusker State insureds (and potential insureds) just lost another opportunity:

"Blue Cross drops out of Nebraska's Obamacare marketplace"

That leaves just two carriers on the state's Exchange, one of which has a substantial Medicaid presence as well. And it leaves some 20,000 erstwhile BX enrollees scrambling for a new carrier in a few weeks.

Curiously, Blue Cross CEO Steve Martin (no, not that Steve Martin) claims that "too often federal officials let people buy insurance just before they are due to receive an expensive health treatment and then drop their coverage immediately afterward."

This particular gaming of the system seems to have become more difficult as HHS, and the carriers themselves, crack down on SEP's. Still, he would know, no? And if true, that's really on the government, not the carriers, who simply follow the rules.

For certain values of "rules."

[Hat Tip: Cynthia Cox]
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