Friday, September 30, 2016

Hey, it's only (Your) money

So it appears that Our Betters in DC© are funneling money to their O'Care enablers:

"The Obama administration is illegally sending payments to health insurers instead of to the federal Treasury as Obamacare requires, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office."

Now, where is it getting this money? Well, that's a good question:

"The industry [poor suckers that actually bought ObamaPlans]-funded reinsurance program was supposed to provide $10 billion to insurers and $2 billion to the federal Treasury."

When that fell (way) short, they shoveled the whole amount, all $12 billion to their AHIP cronies, shorting those of us who actually pay our bills, including finding the government, by $2 billion.

And that was just for plan year 2014 losses. There's also last year's and this year's losses, which are even more substantial, to be reckoned with. Predictably, some congressional Republicans are threatening to hold their breath til they turn blue making threatening noises.

But that's not the only money source in this shanda:

"Justice Department officials have privately told several health plans suing over the unpaid money that they are eager to negotiate a broad settlement ... payments most likely would draw from an obscure Treasury Department fund intended to cover federal legal claims"

There used to be a term for this kind of thing...let me think...oh, yeah.

Business as usual, then.
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