Friday, August 05, 2016

Welcome to Walmart, ObamaCare-style

Via email from The Rocket Surgeons in DC©:

"Last year during Open Enrollment 2016, agents and brokers enrolled consumers in Marketplace plans at a variety of retail locations, including Walmart stores across the country. The opportunity to be in Walmart stores will be available again this year during Open Enrollment for 2017"

Can't wait.

From the agent's perspective, this may make some sense: Walmart provides the overhead (literally and figuratively) and the foot traffic. And since ObamaPlans are guaranteed issue, there's no field underwriting problem. From Walmart's point of view, it's space they already own, and having agents on-site may be a draw, bringing in folks looking for more than just a policy.

From the government's viewpoint it's also win-win: there's zero cost to HHS, and the potential for signing up additional victims insureds.

If you're a licensed agent who's completed the 2017 Marketplace training and would like more info just click here.

Oh, and please pick me up a pack of paper towels. Thanks!
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