Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So Much Stupid: A Love Story

One of the most significant problems with ObamaCare is that, at its heart, it's not really 'insurance.' The definition of insurance is that it's a method for assessing, and then minimizing, the pain of risk. And yet, the Rocket Surgeons in DC© who designed it managed to remove all but one risk factor (tobacco use). Couple that with the fact that folks with subsidies aren't even paying their own premiums (a necessary pre-condition of "spreading the risk") and, well, you can begin to appreciate the scope of the problem.

But it gets worse: plans also include any number of so-called "first dollar" benefits: services and products that are paid for regardless of whether one has met the out-of-pocket limit (thus "free"). These include, for example, mammograms and birth control convenience items, pap smears and the like.

Notice, though, that there is not one single male-oriented bennie to be found. Zip, zero, nada.

And yet the Top Brains at The Commonwealth Fund have the audacity to claim that ObamaCare hasn't really been that great for women:

"[G]aps in women’s health coverage persist. Insurers often exclude health services that women are likely to need."


Here's my favorite:

"Six types of services are frequently excluded from insurance coverage: treatment of conditions resulting from noncovered services"

Are you kidding me?!

What part of "noncovered services" do you not understand. Of course noncovered services aren't ... covered.

And the rest of this drivel goes on in similar vein.

My friend and colleague David W offered this assessment:

"Start with the idea of "insurance" is to pay for everything. That's not insurance, that's an entitlement or a prepaid health plan[ed: as noted above]. Move on to what that costs, when insurance is already too expensive and going up, and when you move to specifics, note that 5 of the 6 "uncovered" procedures were covered by 80% of the plans, and 6th by 60% of plans. Finally, consider "choice" vs "control" and understand that, at its core, this is a pathetic attempt to force other people to pay for services that they want - they just don't want to pay for them."

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