Thursday, August 11, 2016

ObamaCare #Winning

It will come as no surprise to those who've been paying attention that the (Un)Affordable Care Act has been an unmitigated disaster. But it may surprise some to learn of the scope of said disaster:

"While clear evidence that the law was expanding coverage, the soaring enrollment numbers have created a fiscal nightmare for insurers which, in turn, has serious consequences for customers."

I might take issue with the assertion that more folks are insured since the train-wreck passed, but that's for another post. The key is the make-up of those newly-insured:

"A majority of new enrollees are considered high risk, meaning insurers will have to spend more money on people in poor health and requiring expensive  care."

This just makes sense, since when one is in dire need of health care it's human nature to seek out ways to help pay for that care. The problem is that there's no truly effective way to cushion that by enticing healthy folks to play along, except to keep moving inexorably toward a nationalized, government-run system (aka Single Payer).

Which works out so well.
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