Friday, August 19, 2016

End of the Week Miscellany

In no particular order:

We last noted how The Centennial State's move towards a Single Payer option threatened to send that state's budget "off a financial cliff." Well it turns out that there's one group in particular dead set agin' it. FoIB Holly R alerts us that "liberal group ProgressNow Colorado held a news conference ... to announce its opposition to the measure."

As I've repeatedly said, I'm all in favor of 58 individual state laboratories trying out new models. Seems to me a great way to get a sense of which ones hold promise, and which ones don't.

Aetna's bailing on huge swaths of the individual major medical market has had a devastating affect on at least one small Arizona community:

"People in Pinal County are at risk of a health insurance problem that hasn't happened anywhere else in the country: no companies offering marketplace health insurance"

Turns out, Aetna was the only carrier left standing in that area. And an overwhelming majority of those with plans qualified for a subsidy. Unfortunately, there seems to be nowhere to spend it.

And this is an interesting, if odd, little story from Across the Pond:

"There's an app that lets you buy restaurants' leftovers ... saving the good food from going to waste"

Here's how it works:

Why mention it? Well, it would seem like this idea might be very attractive here in the US, but it's likely liability concerns (not to mention health department rules) would be insurmountable.

Too bad, really.
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