Friday, July 01, 2016

Friday LinkFest - UPDATED

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First up, the folks at Employee Benefit News ask a rather interesting question:

My first reaction was "what part of health savings account" did you not understand?" But then, when one thinks about it, it begins to make sense; after all, if one stays healthy and the account continues to grow, why wouldn't one wish to maximize the return on the excess amount?

And even with the ObamaTax train-wreck, the popularity of the underlying HSA-compliant plans continues to grow:

So, something to consider.

And thanks to FoIB Jeff M, we learn that it's not just enrollment in HSA's that's skyrocketing:

"It's Working: Blue Cross/Blue Shield Reports Heavy Obamacare Losses Across the Country"

Bending the cost curve down: How does it work?

And finally, via our friends at Consul Insurance, a tragic event raises some pretty interesting claims questions:

"Tesla’s Autopilot Has Its First Deadly Crash"

Apparently (and I hadn't really been following this), Tesla's Model S has the ultimate cruise control feature: an autopilot mode. Unfortunately it still has some rather, um, significant bugs to be worked out:

"Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied"

Seems like there would be a host of insurance-related issues here. The folks at Consul tell me these include "product liability, BI/PD, manufacturer vs operator, a bunch of issues to be settled."


UPDATE: Several months ago, we reported on a Special Event policy that Cleveland was requiring of the folks running the upcoming Republican convention:

"The city has hired a "risk consultant" (why not just say "broker?") to arrange for "a $10 million insurance policy, required under the terms of Cleveland's hosting of the convention."

Well, apparently even $10 million wasn't enough:

"A city of Cleveland panel on Wednesday authorized spending nearly $10 million to purchase $50 million in insurance to protect the city against claims during the Republican National Convention"

Apparently, still a bargain (or more likely: it is what it is).
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