Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Something You Don't See Everyday

And now for something completely different.

According to the NY Times, the details of Obamacare
were revealed to the IRS in a "by special invitation only" meeting. Here are the bullet points.

  • IRS doubted the Obama administration had legal authority to spend the projected $3.9 billion on health insurance premium subsidies
  • Attendees were given an OMB memo outlining the salient points of the proposed spending
  • Attendees could read and discuss the memo, but could not take notes or copies
  • Then Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on the legality of government subsidies
  • The Obama administration failed to get Congress to sign off on spending $3.9 billion but they went ahead and spent over $7 billion anyway
  • Obamacare premium subsidies are not authorized by  IRS code

For those that want the details, here is the link "In a Secret Meeting ...."

You can file this away in your Obama administration transparency filing cabinet.

#ObamacareFail #TheMostTransparentAdministrationInHistory

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