Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Self-awareness & PPACA

It's no surprise that the so-called "Marketplace" is a disaster. Whether it's missing enrollment goals or drastically underestimating claims, there've been very few positives.

But this article may have inadvertently summarized all that's truly wrong:

"In fact, the exchanges are quickly turning into toxic pools of surprisingly expensive patients who seek coverage when they need treatment and then drop out."

It's only a "surprise" to folks who blindingly and uncritically accepted that removing underwriting from insurance was always going to result in a disproportionate population of sickly folks. The only "surprise" here is that anyone truly believed otherwise, specifically after its chief architect specifically admitted bragged about it..

Self-awareness: how does it work‽

[Hat Tip: Ʀєfùsєηíκ
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