Wednesday, May 04, 2016

NSVNHS© Strikes Again

Seems like the demise of the Not So Vaunted National Health System© is accelerating:

"'Neglected' pensioner's cries of 'please help me' recorded by family on hidden dictaphone in hospital days before death"

The poor woman was being "treated" at Sandwell Hospital, and by "treated" we mean bruised and neglected by those ostensibly charged with her care. It seems that the mask has slipped on how these systems actually work: previously, the use of wait times as rationing mechanisms seemed to work just fine. Now, however, it appears that more hands-on (so to speak) methods are required.

What's interesting (or, more appropriately, disheartening) is that the Brits' use of "boarding" seems to be alive and well.

Perhaps I should check that phrasing....

[Hat Tip: NDH]
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