Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MidWeek LinkFest

Item 1: What if they gave an insurance market, and no one came? FoIB Holly R tips us that:

"3 states are down to one Obamacare insurer. What if they fall to zero?"

Actually, that's no problem.

A lot of us have been saying that this has been the endgame all along.

Looks like we were right.

Item 2: Holly also alerted us to this little gem, which has a direct link to Item 1 above. See if you can spot it:

"[W]oman killed by doctors because she was obsessed with cleaning: Just one of growing numbers of Dutch people given the right to euthanasia because of mental, not terminal, illness."

When resources are free, and thus become scarce, then there are only a few ways to handle the shortage. The NSVNHS© relies primarily on waiting times, while their Dutch counterparts take a more, um, proactive approach.

And in case you were wondering, the connection is to the recent Golden State initiative to make it even easier for patients to self-euthanize.

Seems like a trend, no?

Item 3: This last piece is courtesy FoIB Dr Rob Lamberts, who tipped us to this article explaining that more is
better when it comes to medical care:

"[T]oo much medical care has its own risks. It can be smart to avoid certain tests or treatments and opt for second opinions instead of more visits, and a good provider can help you make that decision thoughtfully."

This is of a piece with consumercentric health care, but has been given short shrift as we seek to expand the definition of health "insurance."

No real surprise there.
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