Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday LinkFest

■ Believe it or not, the 404Care.gov site isn't the only fraudulent thing that affects our financial and personal health. Robert Malove has a very interesting, exhaustive post on how healthcare fraud harms pretty much everyone, directly or indirectly.

For instance:

"Fraudulent Practice #1: Upcoding ... when a service is provided or a diagnosis is made, but the provider bills insurance for a more expensive service"

And there's plenty more.

■ We've blogged before about the Fitbit (and similar devices), but generally focused on who owns the data and how it is used. Here's a story about how one man's Fitbit saved his life:

"[A] 42-year-old man who went to the emergency room ... immediately following a seizure, the data tracked on his Fitbit helped inform doctors of the appropriate course of action to take to save his life."

No word yet on whether or not he made his step goal that day.

■ And we've also posted on marriage's impact on buying (and paying for) health insurance, but here's an interesting twist, courtesy of the folks at HotAir:

"Several studies have found that being married improves survival in cancer patients"

It's been said that married men don't necessarily live longer, it just seems longer, but this study appears to contradict that.
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