Monday, April 18, 2016

Stupid Premier Health Tricks (Part 2)

As noted previously, Premier Health Plans has an unnecessarily confusing and, to be frank, barely functional web quoting system. To get a quote, one must enter the potential client's information as a "lead," which then leads one through a series of screens and tabs to enter basic info. Everything is keyed off the client's email, which, once entered, is immutable.

As is the client's name.

I found this out after trying - unsuccessfully - for three days to sell a plan. I almost got through this morning when I was able to log in, and get through most of the screens, but came up short on the enrollment one because I had entered "Geoff" instead of "Jeff," and it wouldn't let me change that spelling. Since I'd already used his email address, and needed to start over (a 3rd time!), I set up a new account in his name at one of those free-mail sites.

That accomplished, I logged back in and was - finally! - able to complete the application.

I cannot say enough bad things about this carrier's quoting and enrollment system. For one thing, once a "lead" is saved, there's no (obvious) method for deleting it. Second, there's no way to change those email addresses without contacting tech support. Which I tried to do (twice!) this morning with no success.

Heckuva way to run a railroad.
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