Thursday, April 14, 2016

Frustrating Carrier Tricks: Premier Health edition

One of our local hospital chains recently (last couple of years) set up its own health insurance company. As is typical with these kinds of plans, they use the HMO model, which means that, with a few very rare exceptions, there's no coverage at all for out-of-network care. I'm not generally a fan of these, but I've written a couple cases when clients have insisted.

Adding to my dislike for the carrier, they use a convoluted quoting/application system that is far from intuitive, and buggy to boot.

Case in point:

A very nice young man was referred to me by his father. We looked at various options, and he selected a Premier Health plan. So he came by the office yesterday, and we signed on to sign him up.

Almost an hour later, we were no further along than when we'd started. I even referred to the detailed instructions that they'd sent along; unfortunately, the screens in the instructions didn't match those showing up in real life. We finally gave up, and I called my service rep for help. It's now well over 24 hours later, and she was unable to get this case to work, either, even after speaking with tech support.

Now, I have written a couple cases with them, so I know that (at least at one point in the not-too-distant past) it was possible to do so. Why they've decided to make the process even more arduous and customer-unfriendly remains a mystery.

Shame on you, Premier Health Plan.
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