Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Health Links

■ Bwahahaha!

"Long term vegetarianism can lead to genetic mutations which raise the risk of heart disease and cancer, scientists have found."

Pretty much says it all, no?

■ FoIB Holly R alerts us to a Cincinnati-area company that's developed some rather promising new tech:

"Aprecia Pharmaceuticals are making a strong pitch with doctors ... launched production last week of its 3D printed pill, the first such pill approved by the FDA."

The med in question is used to treat epilepsy; the primary advantage to using the 3D tech seems to be better disolvability, although one would think that lower manufacturing costs must play a role, as well.

■ And speaking of 3D printing tech; It's widely believed (understood?) that one's attitude can have a very real affect on how a disease progresses. A Detroit hospital is taking that idea one step further:

"Cancer patients at a Detroit hospital can now take out their aggression on their disease— with a sledgehammer"

Click on through to read how they did that.
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