Thursday, March 24, 2016

Waste, Fraud and Abuse CMS Style

Politicians love to talk about how they will eliminate waste, fraud and abuse if you will only elect them to office. If you are one of those who believe the folks in DC have their own WFA Task Force you
would be mistaken.

When it comes to Medicare, John Minnino, Esq. has come up with a way to beat the CMS cops at their own game.

By using statistical analysis, Mr. Minnino has identified 5 "red flags" that indicate a strong possibility of Medicare fraud.
In 2014 prosecutions initiated by the government led to a mere 31 settlements yielding $88 million in fines. 
In 2014 there were 469 of these (whistle blower) health care fraud settlements—many involving huge pharmaceutical corporations and hospital networks—resulting in $2.2 billion in fines.- Wired
Makes you wonder what the CMS cops are really doing to eliminate fraud.

Maybe a better use of taxpayer dollars is to fire the folks at CMS responsible for policing fraud and let private citizens acting as bounty hunters do the job.

Whistle blowers typically receive 15 - 30% of the settlement as their cut.

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