Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Self-service writ large

A while back, we noted with some disgust that "[t]he number of foreigners traveling to Switzerland to commit assisted suicide doubled over a four-year period." Seems that that enlightened country had made it even easier for folks to pull their own plugs.

Fortunately (for some values of "fortunate") the Golden State is making it unnecessary for those so inclined to have to book expensive airfare [ed: one way?]:

"Governor Jerry Brown signed a landmark bill into law ... [granting]terminally-ill individuals the right to die, or request life-ending medication from their physician."

He actually signed it this past fall; it takes effect early this summer.

There's a supposed "fail-safe" built into the law, requiring two doctors to agree that the "patient has six months or less to live and is mentally competent." There are some other caveats, as well.

Some folks are a bit leery that depressed patients might "doctor shop" to find providers more willing to participate. For what it's worth, California joins four other states that have legalized doctor-assisted suicide.


[Hat Tip: Ace of Spades]
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