Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Clawbacks and fees, Oh my!

As we've mentioned before, more than a few folks who were initially eligible for ObamaPlan premium subsidies subsequently become ineligible, with predictable consequences:

"Consider the case of Erica Cherington that bought an Obamacrack plan for 2014 and only paid $89 monthly because her low income entitled her to a $284 per month taxpayer funded subsidy.Then she got a new job that paid more. As a result she had to pay back $600 of her subsidy"

But that was then, and this is now:

"Only 52 percent had to repay a portion of government subsidy during last year’s tax season, compared to 60 percent this year ...  three out of five customers who received advanced tax credits to help them buy private plans on Obamacare’s web-based exchanges must pay a portion back to the IRS"

That's because they mis-estimated [ed: is that even a word, Henry?] their 2015 income ... Of course they did: whose Ouija board has a $ sign? Sheesh!

And what, you may be wondering, was the average ding for this little "problem?" Well, how about $579? Of course, as we've pointed out numerous times, this represents one - maybe two at the outside - month's premium. Why not roll the dice; after all, the next Open Enrollment is only a few months away...

[Hat Tip: Rich Weinstein]
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