Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thurston & Lovey, Subsidized

Courtesy of HotAir, we have this story about the North Star State's health insurance exchange, as well as its Medicaid program:

"When a millionaire on Medicaid calls you and says, ‘I’m going to spend the winter in Florida. Can you help me find a doctor,’ it’s like, what?

Of course, this is hardly exclusive to Minnesota; the rules for calculating subsidy and Medicaid eligibility all rely solely on income. And if you're a millionaire, well, then, you have access to some pretty sharp accounting folks who can help you make darned sure that your MAGI is within acceptable range for either a subsidy or Medicaid.

There is, though, this little question:

"If they have $500,000 or $1 million in net worth, should these people qualify for subsidies?"

To which I would reply: Talk to the Hand, Judge Learned Hand.
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