Tuesday, February 23, 2016

MVNHS© *still* hates young people

To be fair, they hate old folks, too, but The Much Vaunted National Health Service© seems to have a special place in the spot where their hearts should be for young people:

"A newlywed in Leeds, Britain, died about 18 months after developing a relentless itch all over her body, which doctors mistook as scabies or allergies but was actually a symptom of bile duct cancer"

And for the record: no, lotions and balms won't cut it versus chemo. By the time these rocket surgeons finally figured out that it was, in fact, cancer, it was too late and the poor woman passed away soon after. And lest we turn a cold eye, it would be well to remember that this type of health "care" scheme is the end goal of The ObamaTax.

Sleep tight.
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