Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday Morning Linkage

■ Losses mounting:

"Obamacare may get more bad financial news next week, as more insurers are expected to report financial issues due to the healthcare law."

Not that this is a surprise to anyone that's been paying attention; after all, Blue Cross/Shield of North Carolina has racked up over $400 million in losses in just the past 24 months. Tip of the iceberg, really.

■ In a bit of irony, the IRS is warning uninsured folks about tax scams [ed: no, not that tax scam!]:

"In some cases ... unscrupulous tax preparers tell clients to pay the penalties directly to them, and they keep the money"

Biggest surprise: that there are still uninsured folks. I thought the ObamaTax was supposed to end all that. Hunh.

■ From email this morning:

"Working to stem the spiraling costs of health care, improve health care outcomes and ensure the adequacy of quality services for its membership, nonprofit InHealth Mutual, Ohio’s only health insurance CO-OP, has reconfigured its provider network to trim health provider costs that fall significantly outside the average of its overall network."

Which is a fancy way of saying that their network's gone on a major diet, shedding 10 hospitals and a slew of physicians.

Look for this to continue as carriers look to cut mounting ACA-related claims (it's what happens when you delete underwriting and then pay folks to purchase insurance).
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