Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday LinkFest

■ First up, some potential good news in the war on cancer, specifically the early detection there of:

"Scientists are developing a 10-minute cancer test which can be taken at home with just a drop of saliva"

Just as with pregnancy tests, this simple and inexpensive (about $20) tech is unobtrusive and doesn't require even a pinprick of blood; best of all, it's (supposedly) 100% accurate.

It's about to enter clinical trials this year, and they're hoping for FDA approval by 2018.

■ The Zika virus is the newest crisis-du-jour, and with good reason: it's already led to numerous birth defects, and is thus far unstoppable. Add to that the fact that certain areas - particularly in the Caribbean - seem more infested than others, and the folks who sell travel insurance plans are having to really step up their game. FoIB Holly R passed along this news:

"InsureMyTrip, a travel insurance comparison site, reported a 20% surge in calls last week from travelers worried about the virus." The number one question they're getting is whether folks traveling to Zika hotspots can, out of an abundance of concern, cancel their trips and receive a refund.

The short answer: probably not. The longer answer: it depends. On what, you may ask? On whether or not you purchased the upgraded plan that includes an "any cause" bailout provision. Something to consider if you'r e planning that mid-winter cruise...

■ We've long been proponents of Concierge-model health care. As FoIB Jeff M tips us:

"North Raleigh physician is state's first embracing hybrid medical model ... under which patients pay an annual retainer fee and in return receive longer consultations during their office visits, along with Belcea’s promise to track patients’ medical conditions more closely and follow up as he or they see a need to do so."

As The ObamaTax continues its stranglehold on how healthcare is financed (and hence delivered), I would expect to see many more physicians adopt this type of practice (or it's cousin, Direct Primary Care).
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