Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Win some, Lose more

As Bob noted this past November, "Ocare was supposed to eliminate medical bankruptcy. At least that was the campaign promised."

So how's that working out?


[click pic to embiggen]

According to the folks at the Kaiser Family Foundation, folks who had employer sponsored health plans (ESI) fared even worse than those who were uninsured.

And as an aside, 5+ years in, and there are still uninsured? Thought that was the whole point of the ObamaTax. Hunh.

And also note that it doesn't seem to matter what type of plan design either (high vs low deductible). Of course, the deductible is only part of the story: the total out-of-pocket will also include co-insurance and premiums.

Talk about #ObamaCareFail.

[Hat Tip: Larry Levitt]
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