Friday, January 22, 2016

United Healthcare - MIA

Trying to find a United Healthcare Obamacare plan? Good luck. They are out there, but you might have to look to find them.

UnitedHealthcare apparently took steps to ensure that it did not sell too many health plans on the federal marketplace during the current open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act. 
the health insurer reduced the commissions it paid brokers for plans sold on the federal marketplace to 2% from 6% and later said it would no longer pay commissions on the plans. 
It also required brokers to call the company to obtain price quotes that previously had been available online. 
"They would get back to me in the next couple of weeks — maybe," McArdle said. - JS Online

Making matters worse, Obamacare rules require agents to show ALL available plans to prospective clients ......... even if they are paid $0 should a sale result. Failure to comply carries stiff penalties.

How do you like those apples?

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