Thursday, January 07, 2016

Thursday Morning LinkFest

From the Everything Old is New Again Department:

Way back in Aught-Six, we reported on a groundbreaking plan called PACE, a self-funding option for small group:

"ACMG has developed a unique new product that brings the benefits of ERISA plans and the “stability” of fully insured plans to the small group market."

Almost a decade later (yesterday, to be precise), FoIB Jeff M alerted us to a "new" program called Level Funded Health:

"Level funded health plans appear like a hybrid between a traditional group health insurance plan along with a form of self-insurance."

LFH is available for groups with as few as 5 employees; being self-funded also means being able to duck some major ObamaTax requirements (which should help to keep the price down).

Methinks these types of plans will become more and more attractive as small group plans keep getting squeezed in the marketplace.

From the Annals of the MVNHS©:

"Tumors force 11-year-old boy to undergo mastectomy"

Turns out, this young lad apparently had several benign tumors in his chest, and recently became "the first child in the country to undergo a mastectomy."

He seems to be making a speedy recovery.

From the Medicinal Alcohol & Yogurt Department:

"A craft beer made with ingredients from kefir — a fermented milk drink that resembles yogurt— may sound a little gross. But drinking it could bring health benefits"

What benefits, you ask?

Well, reduced stomach inflammation and ulcers, for starters.

The bad news is that its effects have so far been tested only on rats, who apparently have no problem with the mixture.

Tastes great, less ulcers?
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