Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snowy Wednesday Linkfest

As we've long noted (most recently here), security is actually an exercise in kabuki theater. Need more proof?


"Judicial Watch today released over 1,000 pages of new documents that show federal health care officials knew that the Obamacare website, when it launched in 2013, did not have the required “authorization to operate” (ATO) from agency information security officials."

So they knew from the git-go that the site was vulnerable, a metaphorical cesspool of data virii, and yet they forced citizens who wished to avail themselves of subsidies to expose themselves to it.


Likewise, we've been advising readers of the stupidity that is the (Evil) Individual Mandate: a toothless, nominal fee as opposed to an outrageous premium and massive out-of-pocket exposure.

At last, someone in the MSM 'gets it:'

"You spend thousands of dollars a year on insurance ...and you can't afford to go to the doctor."

No kidding.

But hey, free birth control convenience items.

Finally, the Rocket Surgeons in DC© have figured out that perhaps the "30 special enrollment” categories may be creating some perverse incentives, and are threatening to crack down on miscreants who actually take advantage of the system's own inherent flaws. According to the official CMS blog:

"One of the areas we have been reviewing closely is the special enrollment periods we offer ... elimination of several unnecessary special enrollment periods, clarifies the definitions of other special enrollment periods, and provides stronger enforcement so that special enrollment periods"


Sure they are. Fact is, virtually no one has even heard of most of them, including "tax season open enrollment" and a bunch of other esoteric, obscure circumstances.

But I'm sure the roughly 8 or so people who get their wrists slapped for this are the primary cause of carrier woes.
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