Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Padding Your Numbers

In an attempt to make Obamacare look like a success, the regime continues to manipulate the rules with impunity as a way of making this turd look attractive.
The administration has created more than 30 “special enrollment” categories and sent emails to millions of Americans last year urging them to see if they might be able to sign up after the annual open enrollment deadline. But, insurers and state officials said, the federal government did little to verify whether late arrivals were eligible. - NYT
What's wrong with that, you may say? Wasn't Obamacare supposed to insure a larger number of people?
Individuals enrolled through special enrollment periods are utilizing up to 55 percent more services than their open enrollment counterparts” who sign up in the regular period, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, whose local member companies operate in every state, told the administration.
SEP's create smellier turds.

I see.

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