Wednesday, January 13, 2016

O'Care in Real Life

So, one of my small group clients just lost the last person on his group plan. It had gotten so expensive that no one could really afford to stay on it. Shopping around didn't help: everything we looked at was at least as expensive for comparable benefits. And the plan was pretty much bare-bones, not a lot of fat to trim.

He'd like to be able to continue offering some kind of coverage, but now that the plan has no active members, there's not much we can do. One alternative is to offer to help pay for individual plans (there are still legit ways to do this), but that's really only an option during Open Enrollment, which means that, for most of the year, no can do.

Tom has been a client - and friend - for almost 30 years. A small business owner, he was proud to be able to offer his employees coverage. Now that's gone.

"Affordable" Care Act, indeed.
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