Friday, January 08, 2016

Obamacare Jackpot

CMS (Center for Medicare Services) is responsible for Obamacare oversight.
This includes everything from reviewing carrier health insurance plans and compliance to managing the (still dysfunctional) website.

Now we hear the HHS OIG (Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General) notes that for the EIGHTH TIME in less than a year they found that CMS is incapable of accounting for the distribution of taxpayer subsidy funds.
CMS relied entirely on data from health insurers to verify whether enrollees had paid their premiums and were eligible. Unfortunately, this data was insufficient - insurers provided payment information on an aggregate rather than enrollee-by-enrollee basis, making verification all but impossible.  
"CMS had not yet established computer systems to enable marketplaces to share confirmed enrollment data; therefore, CMS did not verify that QHP issuers were returning APTC overpayments to Treasury." - ATR
But hey, it's only money.


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