Monday, December 14, 2015

Spending Half Your Income for Affordable Health Care

Did you ever imagine a day when you would be considered the upper end of middle class and yet be expected to commit half your income for health insurance and health care?

Well thanks to Obamacare, that day has arrived.
 if you’re a married couple, say, in your early 60s, and your annual income is anything above $62,000, you can get health insurance for as “low” as $1,655 a month, with deductibles of $5,000 per person and out of pocket maximums (basically just deductibles by another name) 0f $6,850 per person.  In other words, if your income is $63,000 and you’re unfortunate enough to max out your “out of pockets” ($6850 x 2 = $13,700),  and combine that with your premiums ($1,655 x 12 = $19,860), you could wind up paying $33,560 of your $63,000 income on health insurance.  - Forbes
Just to make it real, this is the LOW COST option.

Welcome to Amerika!

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