Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oy Canada! (Part 2,739)

Two years ago, we noted that "Canada's Supreme Court has ruled that under the "law of the land" in Ontario, a government board, not the family or doctors, has the ultimate power to pull the plug on a patient."

On the one hand, this is pretty scary; after all, it's what will happen under the IPAB. On the other, at least one knows the score, and can (try to) plan accordingly.

On the gripping hand:

"Canadian Medical Association considering allowing doctors to LIE about patients death to cover up euthanasia."

Wait, what?!

Oh, it gets worse:

The Quebec Medical College is already doing this:
"The physician must write as the immediate cause of death the disease or morbid condition which justified [the medical aid in dying] and caused the death. It is not a question of the manner of death (cardiac arrest), but of the disease, accident or complication that led to the death."

So if one has cancer, or some other fatal disease, and one is euthanized (perhaps under government orders) the cause of death won't be listed as the lethal injection, but the cancer itself.

"The deceased died of a sudden and severe influx of electrons."

Sure, go with that.

[Hat Tip: The Political Hat]
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