Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Much ado about the ObamaTax

FoIB Jeff M alerts us to this terrifying news:

"[H]ouseholds that opt to go without health insurance in 2016 are set to get hit with an average Obamacare fine of $969."

Oy vey!

That's almost $81 per month; better hurry up and lock down some of that sweet, affordable health insurance right away.

But it gets worse (for certain values of "worse") for families that don't qualify for free money premium subsidies:

"Households without insurance that earn too much to qualify for financial aid to buy Obamacare plans will pay an even larger fine for 2016 — an average of $1,450"

My goodness, that's almost $121 per month!

Or, as any rational person would put it: 1/10th of a typical family's insurance premium (with a very high deductible, at that).

Yeah, no.
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