Monday, December 21, 2015

About Glitches and Tinkering

Apparently (former) Gov. Lamar Alexander (now Senator Alexander) is delivering a lump of coal to his constituents this Christmas.

Coming on the tail of candidate Hillary's comment that rising premiums and out of pocket maximums are a "glitch" Senator A tells us that Obamacare will be fixed.
I think over the next four or five years it’ll be changed step-by-step toward a health care system with more freedom for people to find policies, more choices and hopefully lower prices. - Erick on the Radio
More choices, lower prices.

Sounds like Lamar is taking a page out of Obama's playbook. Wonder what he is smoking these days?

Of course the current administration is determined to shut down all the coal mines so it makes you wonder if Sen. Alexander will have to import all that coal from China.

Maybe he can pay for it by selling the Chinese government some worthless US Treasury Bonds.

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