Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On Anecdotes & Data

So, about that 3000% rate decrease:

Working on a renewal (actually, one of several dozen at the moment, but this one's pretty representative); mom, dad, some ankle biters. Grandfathered HSA plan, $3,000 per person, $6,000 per family deductible, then 100%. As with all plans nowadays, first-dollar preventive care coverage (for mom and the kids only, of course, except for dad's colonoscopy every 5 or 10 years).

Current rate is $770 per month, heading north by 30% to a nice round $1,000. That's $12,000 in premiums before any meds or any major medical expense is covered, but after that, no worries. Plan is Grandfathered, so no coverage options (like a higher deductible to bring down that rate).

So, start shopping, and of course, the "best" alternative I can find is $1,140 per month, with a $6250 per person, $12,000 family deductible. So that's almost $1,700 a year in additional premium, plus thousands of dollars in potential additional out-of-pocket.

It does come with "free" birth control, though...

Oh, did I mention that Mom's 43 (and done)?

Sweet deal.
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