Thursday, November 05, 2015

And the winner (loser?) is...

LifeHealthPro has just released the results of its survey of consumers' rankings of various health insurers.

Coming in dead last is United Healthcare, with just 62% of respondents willing to recommend it.

Interestingly, Aetna and Coventry are in 11th and 12th place (respectively); I don't really "get" this, since they're joined at the hip corporately. Perhaps the survey was conducted prior to Aetna's Coventry acquisition?

Our old friend Anthem is solidly in the middle, holding down 8th place.

Leading the pack, though, is Horizon Blue Cross/Shield of New Jersey, with a solid 85% of those surveyed willing to recommend it.

Two observations:

First, over half of the list is made up of various Blue Cross/Shield affiliates; this makes sense when you consider market share.

Second, and more discomfiting, is that it's not clear whether this reflects group plans or individual ones, nor on- or off-Exchange purchases. I think this is a major oversight, and would like to see it addressed in any future versions.
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