Monday, October 05, 2015

Training Day Update 1

First, the good news: I received email this morning from the training "Help" Desk in reply to my pleas for assistance.

The bad news is what it said:

"After you have completed all registration requirements for the Individual and/or SHOP Marketplace, you may print your completion certificate specific to the Marketplace(s) for which you completed registration.

Note: your certificate will be marked Incomplete if you have completed training but you have not completed identity proofing. After you have completed training and identity proofing, your registration completion certificate will be marked Complete

Here's the problem:

[click to embiggen]

I've obviously completed step 1 and, as noted previously, completed all the training (as confirmed by the site itself).

So I replied that I had, in fact, completed both the identity proofing (?) and the training, but am still unable to print the certificates.

Wait and see, I suppose.
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