Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The 97% "Solution"

The ObamaTax continues its run as a rousing success (for certain values of "success"). The stated premise was to get more people insured; most folks quite reasonably understood that to mean "buy health insurance." As with most endeavors driven by good (?) intentions rather than sound economics, of course this proved not to be the case.

Want proof?

Here ya go:

"Health insurance enrollment data for 2014 shows that ... the vast majority of the increase was the result of 8.99 million individuals being added to the Medicaid rolls."

Medicaid is most assuredly not "insurance," thereby putting the lie to claims of record-breaking enrollments. But even that fails to properly describe the utter failure of the train-wreck:

"[T]he net increase in private health insurance in 2014 was just 260,000 people."

Yup, when you add up all the folks who actually lost the coverage they (presumably) liked, plus all those folks now on the dole, just over a quarter of a million people actually gained coverage.

Somewhat short of that multi-million person goal, no?
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